Gas tank breather hose

Is any one else having this problem also?

Last time I rode a motocross track with my WR450 the gas tank breather hose kept coming out of the upper triple clamp "hole". Has anyone found a way to keep it in place without running the hose over the lower section of the handlebar then back under the bar to the "hole"?

It seems like yamaha would have put something in the triple clamp "hole" to hold the hose better.

Try glue-ing about an inch or so of hose slightly larger than the vent hose to the triple clamp end of your vent line. The larger piece of hose needs to be thick enough to be a snug fit in the headstem nut hole. Hope this helps.

on the wr450's theres a little plug that fills the hole on the steering stem and it holds the breather tube in place.on my old bike i just wrapped electrical tape around the tube till it was the size of the hole and it stayed in place for me.

The other option if you dont want to buy a WR450 insert, is to get a couple of rubber grommets. Feed the grommets on to the hose and then feed the grommets into the steering stem nut.

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