What size wrenches?

I need to order some wrenches so I can completely disasemble my 99 YZ400F swingarm and linkages for grease jobs. Can any one tell me what sizes I need?

Its caled a cheap socket set! :)

Cheap sockets are ok.. but a decent ratchet is a must.

Seriously I thikn they are 22mm.

You'll prob need 2 of them.



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A word of caution before you buy your socket set...

My impact-grade 22mm socket won't fit inside the hole in the swingarm, its OD is too large.

So a cheap set isn't a bad idea since they tend to be thinner walled.

You might want to get a deep socket set to make sure you have enough clearance. I use the 27mm and 30mm on my bike as well (axles, stem bolt, oil reservoir screen, I think).

After you service your linkage make sure you loctite the lower shock bolt. Mine (426) has a tendency to back out and rub against the pull rod. Not good.

You may indeed need two 22mm sockets to secure the top relay arm bolt (the one that is behind the plastic dust covers stuck in your swingarm). I get away with one but I use an air impact wrench.

Where is this "oil resevoir screen"? I've heard reference to it but I have no clue where it is.

And thanks all for the quick responses.

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The oil screen is on the bottom of the frame downtube where the oil is stored. It should be checked and cleaned about once a year.

So i take it that I need to remove the hose coming out of the tank bottom and the fitting it(the hose) attaches to unscrews out of the bottom of the tank? There is a screen in there? Okay, I have four rides on the bike. This things probly clogged up pretty good from break-in. I did my oil change and filter clean, but here I've gone and neglected my screen. I'll have to expedite this I guess. Thanks

I cleanec my frame screen after break-in and again at around 20 hours and didn't have hardly anything in it either time. The oil filter on the other hand has needed cleaning or replacement about every other change, and I check it every time I change the oil. The frame screen is pretty tight the first time you take it out, one owner here said he had to use an impact to get his off but mine came out with a normal wrench and alot of force...


I might have been that guy. I just torqued it back on normally but needed an impact again to clean it a second time. I noticed some paint on the threads in the frame.

After break in I did find some metal flakes, you could tell they weren't from the motor, just big thin flakes that fell/peeled off from inside of reservoir.

But that screen is pretty large and protrudes into tank more than an inch. I can't see it getting clogged...

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