clean carburetor 04 yz 450f

My bike wont stay running. its been sitting for a year. some say you need to clean out the carburetor. I also changed the plug it was black. cleaned the air filter. tried cleaning the carburetor but didnt know what to clean. is there a pic showing what to take off and where to clean?

It's very simple.

Loosen the Carb boots front and rear, and rotate the carb to you can get to the bottom, and remove the float bowl. It helps to lay the bike on it's side, or put it up high on a lift.

Make sure you get perfect contact with the float bowl screw heads, or they will strip. It helps if someone prys, or holds the carb in position so your screwdriver seats well.

Carefully remove the float bowl, leaving the float mechanism intact.

Remove the most forward jet (pilot). Hold it up to the light and you will see it has a half dozen passageways that are most likely clogged. Use a single strand of wire from some stranded speaker wire, and clean out all the passages. Do not use a dental tool or any sharp steel object, or you will ruin the jet.

If you still have one year old gas, you have to change it, including draining the float bowl. Do not use this gas as it will continue to clog the carb. Drain the tank.

If you left the gas on for a year, you will probably have to replace the float seat as well, but you will know that if the carb starts puking gas once the motor turns off.

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