2007 YZ450F with rekluse z start pro need help

I have a 2007 YZ450F with the rekluse z start pro and the friction plates I think are wore out. I was at the track yesterday and the clutch started slipping bad. I was wondering if I need to replace the steel plates along with the friction plates and if so where can I get the Rekluse steel plates ?

The steel plates rarely wear out, just the fibers. I'd be willing to bet you can order them through TT or you can get them at


The steel plates rarely wear out...
That's true, but they do get warped. Be sure to check their flatness. Also, if they are burned, blackened, or badly burred along the drive edges, they should be replaced.

If they are only half worn out, you can replace the top steel ring (that came with your Rekluse) with a thicker steel ring (that was also included). I think that's what it's for. Read through the installation instructions for the rekluse. It'll probably tell you to measure the thickness of the clutch stack and if it's too thin to use the thicker ring.

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