Yz426f Does anybody have problems with it?

Im currently looking for a bike and i saw this 2001 yz426f and i was wondering if that is a good bike? My buddy said that they are junk and they never start if you tried your hardest to kick it.

Also, its it a lot heavier than a newer 450? Also does any body have to adjust thier valves on it. Would the bike be worth to get?

Is there anything else i should know about the yz426fs?

Thanks! I highly appreciate all the comments!!!!!!!!

well in my opinion the 426 is a wicked bike, i love my 02 426 the bike is very reliable as long as you do your preventive maintnance and upkeep. yes the bike is a little heavy but im a 140lb rider and have no issues with the bike.

does your front end come up alot? Also, i heard the 426 has problems with starting?

The 426 is a very reliable bike, if taken care of. The front end will come up on almost any bike if you get after it. And lastly, they are easy to start if you know how to start them...i can start mine 1st kick almost every time.

The 426 is a great bike i have a 2002 with the 450 cam mod so is very easy to start my son has a 2006 yz 450 and yes the 426 is heavier but seems to have more bottom end grunt where the 450 has great midrange,for the money you pay for a 426 they are a powerful cheap and reliable bike as long as you maintain it...BUT....in saying that i think they are probably a younger guys bike ,..as im a vet ..i find the weight and power gets very tireing .. my son rides mx and uses my 426 as a training bike

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I just bought my 01 about four months ago. I went from a 01 XR 400 to a 01 YZ 426F. WOW! First off, the bike is not hard to start at all, if you follow the steps Yamaha recommends. Next, your buddy is a moron.J/K They are good bikes, but the mewest one is seven years old, so, they are what they are. In CA, we cannot ride a 450 at certain times of the year on fire roads or forest trails, so the 426 is a great bike for us Calis. For you, if you want to pay a little more, buy a 450. If you want to pay a little less, buy a 426, do a few mods, and then pass your friend on one wheel while flipping him off. (Its my favorite move)

I've had my '00 426 for 9 years. No problems.

Rebuilt the engine 2 years ago, internals looked great.

My friends all have newer bikes, but I can't give mine up.

I don't want to re-learn a new bike.

I'll probably have this bike until I can't find parts for it anymore.

Owned my 02 426 since May of 02, new. No problems at all. I did the 450 DCM in June 2003 and went with a Hinson clutch assembly in 2005 when it was time for new plates. I learned the starting drill on day one and never had any problems. With the 450 DCM it is easy as pie. They have a very even spread of power with no flat spots. The suspension is easy to set up with maybe a change of springs (Iweigh 230# so I went with Race Tech springs front and rear.) The 450's are all lighter but I never noticed any handicap from the weight at all. Your buddy is wrong on this one.


I agree with everyone too.

I had a 2002 YZ and yes, there is a procedure to start it, but these bikes are nearly bulletproof.

....My buddy said that they are junk and they never start if you tried your hardest to kick it....

You should get a new 'buddy' that knows what the hell he is talking about. I had a 2000 YZ426, and it was a first- or second-kick starter for the eight years I owned it.

i have a question, would i be tall enough to ride a yz 426f, i am 5-7 and 150lbs. i am hoping to get 1 around this month thanks

My 02 426 is taller than my 07 450. But I am 6-5 and they all seem smaller.

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