I am trying to lower the seat height on my new XR650l. It is at the stock 37 inches now and would like to bring it down about 2 inches. Has anybody had any luck with this one?

Note: I installed the Baja lowering link yesterday and it had no change to seat height.

I lowered an XR400 for a friend by making spacers for the fork and shock. It moves up the area in the shock where it tops out. It was simple but you have to pull the shock and forks apart to do it. I suppose the fact I have a lathe in my garage helps also but the parts are simple and any machine shop could do it for you.

I don't know about the seat on the XR's because I don't own one but, I have had luck shaving some of the seat foam off with an electric knife. Lowered it about an inch. If you don't need any more than that it is easier than having new suspension parts made.

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