accelerator pump !!

how do you change the timing of the squirt ?


To change the squirt timing there is a phillips head screw on the linkage side of the carb, where the cables hook up. Don't remember whether in advances or delays. I think its like the fuel screw and should be adjusted by feel and riding style.

It's pretty easy to figure out.

The accel pump is at the bottom of the carb on the kickstarter side. There's a push rod extending from the throttle... um... wheel area. How soon the wheel pushes the rod determines how soon the accel pump kicks in. The adjusment screw is pretty obvious once you find the top of the rod.

Why would you change the squirt timing on a 450?

I thought Yamaha had it right this time? :)

Oh yeah... the rod is enclosed till it's up by the trottle wheel btw.

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