Tall seat

I have a 2005 YZ450 that is due for a new seat. I'm 6'0" and 150lbs with most of my height coming from the hips down.

I'm considering getting a "tall" seat for it. For anybody that has one, what has your experience been with it? Do you think at only 6'0" I would gain anything, or could it possible hurt me?

With regards to seat foam density what do most of you prefer? I would have a tendency to want a soft seat but don't know of the effects of too soft a seat. All I know right now is that my seat feels like a rock at times and my friends KTM feels like I'm riding on pillows. Any opinions on that matter?


Save yourself a lot of hassle and just go to SDG.com. Dealing with seat covers and staple guns is a thing of the past. Prices have gone up a bit over the years but to me it's still worth it. I'm almost 6' 2" and I've been running these seats for years. Very durable, lighter than stock, reasonable price.

My only complaint is that they are kinda slow getting new applications to market.

Thanks for the reply. I am going to buy a complete seat, the question is do I want a "tall" seat or a regular one.

I would go tall. I've bought several for Hondas and I think they are 1.5 inches taller than stock. The foam holds up real well too. You won't be disappointed. Good luck.

I am 6'1" and my guts tall is one of the best mods, wouldnt go back

SDG does not offer different density foams, I have a tall SDG now and it seems to be pretty soft I called them to try to order a new seat foam because mine was breaking down after 1 year of use and they said I would have to buy a whole complete seat again. I just ordered a guts tall hard seat foam and cover so next time all I have to do is replace the foam. It is not hard to repalce the foam and cover as long as you have a good staple gun which are fairly cheap.

I bought the SDG tall seat for my 426 and like it a lot its not plank flat on top like the Guts tall seat on my KTM it seems to be just right unlike the ktm's which is a little too tall. I highly recommend the sdg seat.

I purchased a tall SDG seat in the past and after about 2 months it turned into a big marshmellow. From that experience, I would never buy another SDG seat.

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