No Tiol not for my bikes

I have quit using No Toil. I have loved this stuff for years but, Got a filter soaked in a stream and that stuff is NOT! even close to waterproof. I going back to Belray or Maxima. You can pour water over the filter with those brands and it will run off like a "ducks back"

Easy to use? Yes, Waterproof? No Way!

Guess there is always some trade off

Sometimes convienence isnt always best is it?

I quit using it a long time ago... :)

Silkolene is fantastic. I push deep crossings all the time and this oil is tacky and water repellant! I can take the filter out and squeeze it and ring it into a little ball and the oil will stay and the water squeezes completely out. I am very impressed. The only drawback is to applying the stuff. It is nasty and needs hours to set before using. Oh and it so tacky forget using soap and water to clean the filter. You need their special air filter cleaner. :)

FYI - No Toil also eats away the glue on Uni filters. I had 2 start to separate so I called No Toil. They acknowledged the fact that there was an issue with Uni glue and a solvent/glue incompatibility. This was the same time that they started to market their own filters and they offered me 2 new No Toil filters. I agreed but the new filters did not fit (XR650L). I tossed them and bought 2 new Uni filters and some different oil.

Live and learn.

Dealer says WR should be in MN on Monday.


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