Walker vally ride 5/3

Anyone up for a little NW style tight trail torture?

Mud,Rocks,Roots,Water And all on super tight single track.

The Walker Vally trail system is located east of Mt Vernon WA and has been under repair by the local clubs all winter, should be a great ride.

Malcom Smith is riding a poker run there today!



Sounds like fun, but I think I will stay home and do rear wheel bearings instead. The PNW TT Ride was great, but I noticed a problem with my front tire. I must have hit really hard because my bead had slipped inward and my rim strip was hanging out. I didn't notice until I was on my way to the PNW TT Ride, so I stuck it out for 90 miles that weekend. Finally, today it went flat in the garage. Testament to HD tubes!!! Moral of the story: on top of wheel bearings, I also need a new front tube, new rear tire/tube, and replace a broken spoke or two.

Have fun, I will think about you guys and cuss the day away Saturday.


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