missing spring from fuel screw

i lost my spring and o-ring, managed to replace the o-ring, but the springs that i have managed to find laying around are not suitable.the stock one is steeply wound and made of thick wire, anybody got a spare?? cant shell out 35 bucks for a new screw, thats the only way i can seem to get a new spring :).



You could try going to a hire-centre that does garden equipment such as strimers or lawn mowers,or a chainsaw service centre,maybe the guys in the workshop may have some parts laying around that could get you going!(model shop maybe?) :)

i saw a post somewhere... a guy bought the o-ring and spring really cheap from sudco.

same thing happened to me. The spring that is in there is VERY STOUT. I found a (hopefully good...???) replacement at a hardware store.

Unless you seat that o-ring w/ a stiff enough spring, you WILL have an air leak, accompanied w/ LOTS of backfiring on decel (and dirt in your carb/engine).

Hey Limey Dude, since you live in Farmington go down to Full Trottle see Donnie the service manager, tell him Yamaharichey said to find you a spring and not charge you a fortune for it. Or I'll roost all over him like last time. :)

thanks dudes, i decided to call sudco, i'd never heard of them before, they had all the items in stock for cheap. incidentally, i had to buy three of everything as they have a minimum purchase amount. so...if anyone needs one, let me know, i got three springs, washers and o-rings :)

Watch out. My only complaint about Sudco is that they nail you for shipping and they generally don't offer this information when you call them but your jaw drops when the parts invoice comes. For the fuel screw and spring my total price was twice the parts price due to S&H charges. I understand that I need to pay S&H but I wasn't prepared for the amount, if I would have asked I would have passed on the parts.


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