IMS fuel tank capacity

I need a slightly larger tank for my BRP, and looked at the IMS one at Baja Designs, it states a capacity of 3.2 gals, but I've seen another IMS tank at other web sites quoted as 3.4 gals. Does anybody know what the tank is really rated for? It isn't much difference, but 3.4 gals, will barely do what I need, so 3.2 wont.

If your a bit suss on the range provided by the IMS 3.2 - 3.4 tank why not go for the Clarke 4.3. It sit's real nice on the bike, to the point where you don't even notice the extra capacity unless you are thinking about it. I tend to think it is a bit more robust than the IMS tank too.

I'm not sold on any one brand, does the 4.3 look real large? I'm looking for just a little more capacity then stock, without the "Paris-Dakkar" look.

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