RG3 Triple Clamps, are they worth it $

I am looking at changing my triple clamp and going to an oversized bar. Is it worth the extra money to go to a RG3 set up with the rubber mounts? Is there any advantage in going to the forward and up bar position? Will the headlight brackets bolt on okay? Where is the best place to buy at? Any input would be appreciated.

I was in the same delema :) I ended up going with the BRP. 1) It was much cheaper 2) It was rubber mounted 3) They had more bar position options, and 4) If I ended up wanting a damper it was ready to go. I ended up wanting a damper so it was a smart move. Brp also gave me the package price on the damper 2 months after buying the bars and triple clamp. They didn't have too, but that alone says alot about their customer service. It saved me about $75. The clamp is top notch quality :D :Dand everything bolted up perfect for my WR450. BTW they make the clamps for Scotts. :D

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