stage 1 hot cams 06 wr450

I have just recently installed stage 1hot cams in my 06 wr 450,now bike runs rough at low and mid steady throttle. have already done free mods,quick shot, mix screw. But no other jetting. Any suggestion? Thanks.

Yes, it's time to re-jet. Popping on decel? High idle? Stumble when throttle cracked? Sounds like you're lean on the pilot and maybe needle/main....I'd go up one on the pilot, see what that does, and adjust your fuel screw. If you've still got a rough running engine, go up one on the main as well. Colder air temps will require more fuel,'s in the 30's here, not sure what it is out there.

I just recently installed hotcams in my 07 wr450f first ride while doing the 30 minute break in i also found my bike running rough. Installed a JD jetting kit and emailed the company for advice they told me what i should be running. Installed the recommended jetting and the bike ran alot better.

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