03-05 swing arm on 98 yz400f

Will it work??

No, it won't, not without a lot of machine work. The bolt is a different diameter just to start with.

Hey Gray, is the '98 bolt different to the '00?

I ask because I'm running an '05 swingarm on my '00 YZ426. There was some differences on the geometry for the linkage and I couldn't use the '05 linkage parts, but with the '00 linkage it bolts up. It moved the shock reservoir a small amount closer to the frame due to the distance between the swingarm pivot and rocker pivot holes being like 5 or 8 mm's farther apart than the '00, but the distance between the rocker pivot and the centerline of the arm are also farther apart so the ride height stays the same. It works and feels the same as the stock set-up did.

I'm just curious if they made a change in the bolt size after '98. I have a '99 400 at my house right now and it's pivot bolt fits in my old '00 swingarm. Is the '98 smaller?

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