New (to me) xr600r! Best price on FMF 'Q' ?

Finally found a 2000 :D XR600R that looked really nice down in TN, 1250 miles :D and 25 hours later, I'm riding it around my yard. Whoo hoo! :)

It's pretty cherry, except the stock pipe is badly folded up (and whatever baffle insert that's in it is too danged loud). Any pointers on where to get the best price on an FMF Q muffler? So far baja designs is the leader for $256.


Cool, enjoy your new bike. Looks like a good price on the Q from BD. I checked Rocky Mtn for ya and their print catalog says $296.99. Nice lookin bike btw :).

Where is the folded pipe??? Looks good from here. That insert looks like the WB Hot Tip. If that is the same tip I have, the Q will be louder. The stock pipe with the Hot Tip is a pretty good set up, the main thing you will gain with the Q is weight savings!


Wow, only $65 for a claimd gain of 6 hp with the WB hot tip. I may look into it when I feel the need for more power. Sounds like the way to go.

yeah, it's not obvious from looking, until you really check it out. The stock pipe is folded up right behind where it mounts to the frame, creased and bent up so that it's in contact with the rear fender. The Q shows a good improvement over stock on their dyno charts, at 93db, for about $50 less than I can get a new stock muffler from service honda. I've been looking on Ebay to pick up a stocker cheap, but nothing so far.

So far I haven't been able to identify the insert manufacturer, but it's not the WB hot tip. <edit> I pulled it out and it flows straight through, plus it looks pretty shoddily constructed compared the WB hot tip's I've seen, also has packing material taped around it, but being wide open it doesn't do much at all, not very different with it in as it is with it out..

If anyone has a stock exhaust in good shape they want to sell cheap, let me know. :)

Check this out


PM BajaBoundMoto here on TT and he will hook you up with a new pipe or used but good. That sounds like the Hot Tip that you described. Packing material taped around perforated tubing that flows straight through. Maybe the packing needs to be replaced? The Q will be louder than the Hot Tip.

Actually, I think I have a couple FMF mufflers for 600s. I'm starting to phase out the 600s so I maight have a couple used ones around. No new ones, but the used aren't beat.

Wolf - if you're still looking let me know and I'll see what I've got.


Thanks, but I picked up an FMF Q new earlier this week. Just mounted it tonight. First impression is that it's LOUD .. heheh.. have to see tomorrow when the bike isn't in the garage.

I may still try and find a stock exhaust in good shape. My stock pipe is bent up and I found a small crack when I removed it.

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