Question about carbon fiber frame gurards

I'am thinking about carbon fiber frame guards but I worry that the constant rubbing of the boots will rub the shiny finish off making them look old and worn. Anyone had experiance with them?

Ditto that. I am really close to buying a set from for $75 for my WR450F, but I am also concerned how durable the material is. Has anyone found them for cheaper than 75?

Check out

They have a "Tech Support" section on how to maintain the shiny finish on carbon fiber for the "new" look. They also have a gripper finish available (which I have on mine) that provides a better grip for your boots on the frame guard. They have a rough texture to them as opposed to a smooth surface so they don't need re-finishing.

Well after reading their tech tips its obvious they do wear the finish off and you have to keep spraying a new finish on. So I'am going with aluminum. Thanks for the help.

I bought the ones with the gripper finish and they have really dulled up from my boots rubbing. They surface is too abbrasive. I would probably have stayed with aluminum if I had known this because I could remove them and polish them. I quess having them is better than not having them.

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