Supercross in Salt Lake

Anyone see it or go to it, I was there and to me it looks like Reed took out Ricky on purpose, I was disapointed, I wanted to them race head to head, then Reed pulls a stunt like that. I don't know about you guys but I don't like dirty racing like that, its not fair to the fans, instead of a good race we get to watch Ricky trying to play catch up for twenty laps, Then what I don't understand is some of the fans were booing Ricky. Reed has been a dirty rider from the start and more and more of the other riders are hateing him. I guess the booers want to see a guy from Austraila win the U.S. Supercross over an american, which I would'nt mind if he was best rider. But do it fair and square.

Well, Ricky was far enough ahead in points to win the championship even if he finished 2nd to Reed every race. If however Ricky finishes further back... I think you get the idea.

It would have been a regular block pass if ricky hit the brakes. He didn't. He took himself out.

I haven't see the race so I don't know. :D

It won't impact the championship since Ricky placed 2nd. :)

After the previous race it would surprise me if it were intentional. Both riders were carefull not to take the other out in that race.

It's possible that both riders are feeling the pressure and are riding a little more aggressive. :D

Reed isn't dishing out anything that RC hasn't dished out in the past. What goes around comes around, I say. HOWEVER, I was disappointed because I was wanting to see a good race. I was booing Reed, not RC because I hate runaway wins. :) BTW, what was all that crap going on down below between RC and some of the Yamaha guys? I missed the commentary from Ferry on the podium. :D

I think it stemmed from RC hitting Ferry pretty hard from behind & Ferry almost going down?

As far as Reed & RC, it was an aggressive pass but I thought it should only be considered "dirty" if Reed hit him with the front tire? Did the aggressive pass take place because RC passed Reed on the triple in traffic? I just noticed throughout the night that nobody tripled until the riders were spread out a bit.

What did everyone think of that KTM JR from Bountiful that doubled the trip?

It was overly aggressive, IMO. It looked to me like Reed could have made it clean but didn't. I mean, he put a big dent in RC's pipe so it was definitely a hard hit.

I have a shot of that kid on the KTM jumping the double. I'll post it here shortly.

I agree LTR. Ricky seen him coming and could have prevented it. I don't think it was dirty. Just a racing incident.

seems to me that ferry is reeds hit man.

Reed firmly stated that he and Ferry's relationship has diminished considerably and they are racing against each other.

Either way you look at it, everyone wants to win. Reed has proved over the last 4 races that he can beat RC despite RC's comments at the beginning of the year. He stuffs RC and RC fans get persnikity. Remember when RC stuffed Pastrana... and whoever else, not to mention the non-contending off camera riders he was passing to catch up after he wrecks.

Everyone passed hard now a days. If someone is coming on the inside hard, slow down and angle on the inside for the next corner.


If RC or CR was coming behind me, I would definitely get out of the way otherwise you will get parked!

Hopefully, team Yamaha does not want to take the title under those would lack integrity! Reed has proven he is fast but he needs to do it for a whole season. If it's Yamaha's plan to "take out" RC in Vegas, well, to me the title does not mean much! The purpose of the race is to see who's fastest on the track...not to see who's is better at taking people out!

I admit I do not like RC at all. I also would hate to see RC and Reed hit and run again, BUT it would be ok for me to see RC get 9 or so in the city of lights and Reed get first... AGAIN. :)

By the way, I don't like RC because he is so damn fast and I am fat and slow and can't ride SX. :D

Reed I like because he would likely drink a Fosters :D with me on the trail. :D

I am just curious to see how the outdoor Nationals go because RC is scary fast in that series. I think Reed has his hangs full of corned beef and cabbage from the lepercaun, RC this summer. :D


I would like to see SUPERMODELL take the win in vegas on his bultaco :)

I would like to see FrankCastle riding his Frankenstein on a track period! How about the Franks at Vegas?

It looks like Ricky is going to win the championship unless he gets 5th or worse. Chad can get first, but if Ricky gets 2nd, 3rd, or 4th then Ricky still wins.

Don't assume that because Reed has won the last several races that RC couldn't have won any of those races.

Lot's of $$ rides on a championship and if you have the points in the bag your sponsor may tell you to cool it... even if they won't admit to it on TV.

RC raced side by side with Reed for most of a race swapping the lead back and forth... then suddenly fades??? Don't think so. I think they told him to go for the win and if it's not there to cool it and protect the season.

I think RC fades because, you are right, he is protecting his season. He can't keep up with the lap times Reed is putting up without getting out of control and potentially wrecking. He will eat it if he tries to pull lap times like Reed. It seems to me that Reed always has the fastest lap times... racing or practice laps, correct me if I am wrong, PLEASE.

I hope it is a nail biter in Vegas. I don't care who wins the championship, although I would like Reed to win but if he looses, which likely he will, he still pulls faster lap times.

Keep in mind, I am just a no-name from Idaho who loves to see the guy he hates get beat, championship won or not. I like to see RC's pouty little freckle faced head after he loses. :)


Well I think I am somewhat incorrect! :)

SLC:Practice: Reed: 51.235 RC:51.795

Main: Reed:50.818 RC: 51.234

Texas: Practice: RC:55.233 Reed:55.330

Main: RC: 56.692 Reed:56.314

Pontiac: Practice: RC: 58.099 Reed: 58.831

Main: RC: 58.541 Reed: 58.696

Houston: Practice: Reed: 47.872 RC: 47.912

Main: RC: 47.396 Reed: 47.624

St. Loius: Practice: Reed: 52.113 RC: 52.211

Main: Reed: 52.328 RC:52.424


The problem with practice lap times or any lap times for that matter is that the track changes during a race. A fast line one lap could suddenly disappear thanks to the other riders. And practice doesn't have the pressure of having the other guy being right on your tail.

These guys are VERY close in speed and it can go either way just from hitting a whoop a little off and killing one guy's momentum.

Not sure why some people hate RC so bad... could it be the bike brand? (NOOOOooooo... no bias in a Yamaha group!)

Don't like the fact that all last year he smoked everyone? Tough! The other riders should step it up a notch! They get big money rides and are content to finish in the top 10! Bob Hannah rips on these characters everytime someone interviews him and he's right to do so.

Reed is the only other guy taking it that serious. Half the riders in the field could be contending for the podium if they worked as hard as these two.

Well, Ricky lost the battle but won the war.

His team said he was going to concentrate on the championship before the race. Even so, there was a point where Ricky was starting to close on Reed... I think he wanted to win but thought better of it after a couple laps.

Finally saw a replay of the SLC "incident". Ricky was stuffed intentionally. Replayed it 6 times... no question. Reed aimed for the front wheel.

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