Supercross in Salt Lake

I saw the entire race when it was in SLC and one thing that has not been discussed was the corner before, RC took out Ferry. This allowed Reed to catch up. The next corner RC went down. Alot of oooh's and aaaaah's, but RC had just done the same manuver the corner before on Ferry. The great thing was watching Ferry lead for a number of laps. :)

Go yamaha 4strokers

  • :D

So Reed won the "Other" Title, right?

What did he get for it? I didn't see them present him a #1 plate or anything. Does he get to run a #1 plate next year or what?

Kind of a B.S. title, don't you think?

How about Ricky yelling at Ferrys mechanic.... He was pissed....

Why can Ricky cut in front of Ferry (and take him out) but when Reed does the same thing he's called a dirty rider? RC needs to stay out of harms way, he should have let Reed go but instead he went down.

Go Reed....... :)

I kinda thought RC took out Ferry intentionaly too. But if you look at the replay with the rider coming straight at you (thats what they showed on ESPN2 last night) it looks like to me that the whoops kinda carried RC over to ferry and RC didnt even know he was in contact with him until they touched.

Then Reed retaliated for taking out his boy.

It really did look inadvertant to me. :)

I couldn't understand RC's reaction towards Ferry's mech? He knocked Ferry down! I think RC is a bit of a baby when he gets knocked, but calls it aggressive racing to make the wins when he does it, but guys who he considers "not championship worthy" should make way and give up. Hey RC, they ARE paid to race too, not pull over for you cause you are who you THINK you are.

I was wanting Reed to take it, but barring any unforseen crap, the outdoors is his. RC is starting to be conservative cause CR is just faster, and he's all about covering what he's got, and not going for wins.

I think Ricky cries when it happen's to him but he sure dosen't mind doing the same thing to any one that get's in his way of a win . Chad put a block pass on him just like Ricky has done to him Did you here Read cry ? What goes around come's around . He need's to have a little class if you remimber last year when T P went down and Ricky pushed him out of the way every one said it was just racing but when Ricky is on the loosing end some how it becomes dirty .

I didn't say Reed was a dirty rider... just that it was intentional. What Ricky did to Ferry was NOT the same thing... watch the tape.

I don't know what Ricky told the mechanic but he was going off big time. The mechanic probably mouthed off about what Ricky did to Ferry... probably accused Ricky of intentionally taking him out.

RC needs to stay out of harms way???? &%$#@!?

Ricky has three Supercross titles, several 250 outdoor titles, dethroned McGrath and has quite an impressive win record... as in winningest 250 rider *ever* to be exact. He's the first guy to go undefeated during a season... ever.

Oh... and he's what? 22 or 23 years old!

Yeah, stay out of harms way... whatever.

BTW, anyone hear how Jimmy Stewart is after his crash in the 125 Supercross? He looked unconsious but they never followed up on it in the broadcast I saw.

Looked to me like Ferry ran into the back of RC. Also looked like Reed ran wide to take out RC - he did the same thing a few races back as I recall. If I were Reed I'd be looking over my shoulder. What goes around comes around :)

Yeah, what the heck happened to Bubba? :) I looked up the race results on SXGP and he was DNF. What happened, did anyone watch the race?


Looked like a clear takeout on Reeds part to me. I've watched it several times. He came out of the corner, aimed straight for RC's front tire. If you see it again, look where Reed come out of the corner, not an inch between his rear tire and the tough blocks. I simply don't get all this "hate" for RC. I like the fact that over the last couple of races RC has stated that he simply needs to get faster, that Reed beat him, straight up, no excuses. By the way, RC could have sent Reed flying off the track in the earlier pass he made on both Ferry and Reed.

Stewart will be out 4-6 weeks with a broken clavical. As far as my own comments about what RC says, you have to go back to the times when he was banging bars and knocking others down (not the Pastrana incident). It is clear he was pushing hard and would do so in an effort to make sure they wouldn't fight him, so he would clip them all pretty hard, and say "that's what it takes to win", or "you have to get aggressive on this track cause there aren't a lot of places to pass". I'll agree that Reed's pass could have been cleaner, but if you look at what RC says, Reed is just trying to secure a win or the championship. If that means pushing someone out so they don't fight back, I think that goes for RC too. I don't dislike RC at all, but i don't think he should whine about things when "that's racing" is pretty much the motto, especially between the last two (and only) championship contenders. Everyone else on the track was pretty much wasted space.

I can't remember exactly where bubba biffed it but it was bad!

If I remember right he went through a whoop/jump wrong and then the nose dropped off the next jump at the end of that section. Bubba bailed as the bike took a nose dive but he did a head plant!

They had to carry him off the track and he wasn't moving!!!! I was worried he broke his neck or something... but I'm sure we'd of heard about that.

It was definately not a good thing!! Concusion at the minimum! Still haven't heard though.

Major case of loss of concentration if you ask me! He'd dumped it within a lap prior to that one and that one looked like he just screwed up.

BTW, I think when Stewart goes 250 these other guys better watch out!

RC needs to stay out of harms way???? &%$#@!?

You seem to be upset over something I said........

During the Post-race interview RC told Cameron Steele that he should be staying clear from these situations, this is something he said..... These words came out of RC's mouth and not mine.....


Clavical is the collarbone. Out of action 4-6 weeks. I watched it a few times, and the bail out made no sense. It wasn't like he was heading into the face of another jump. He was landing on a flat after the small double. He would have landed on the nose, but definitely wouldn't have wiped out. I've been in scarier nose drops myself. The front was about a front tire height lower than the back. Looked like he wanted to land on the down side of the small hill, put the front nose down, and realized he was past the down slope. Totally survivable. I think the first dump threw his concentration, and that's what happened. Maybe since he can't win the outdoors, Kawasaki will put him in some 250 races. I think if he's back by week 4, he can win the series.

He probably wasn't moving because of the pain... which beats the heck out of what could have been a bad head injury.

I agree... the first dump blew his concentration.

Well... I spoke too soon. Stewart had a concussion too.

I looked at it over and over and looks to me he definetly lost concentration! :) The bike acted like he hit the back brake :D, his nose shot down and he bailed at the same time.


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