wr 450 exhaust???

Hi i have a 2004 wr450f and was wondering if anyone knows if a 2002 yzf 426 full exhaust system will fit my bike?

p.s its an fmf system

I am not positive but I just took my white brothers exhuast off my 1999 yz 426 and put it on my 2006 WR 450. It fit without any issues. I ran it for the weekend and decided an aftermarket pipe is definately needed for the new WR, what a difference. I hope this helps.

Thanks, i just thought that the manifold bore may be different due to the cc difference??

when i got my wr 450 its was fitted with yz 426 silencer but still running the wr header and my wr is an 04 450 but i dumped the silencer in favour of a stock u.s muffler fitted with a db dawg insert.

i would go with white bros. sieries e . for some reason fmf ( witch i think is a great product) seams to choke out alot of power.i found the white bros. exhaust is the best match for the wr. 400 and 450

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