426 Green Sticker breeds new life.

Now that the 02 WR426 and YZ426 are now Green sticker in Ca. does that mean they can be dualsported?I bought an 02 XR400 mainly because I wanted a dirt worthy DS bike.In this capacity I've been very happy with the XR but more power and better suspension make the 426 an appealing option.I'm almost 6' @ 214lbs and the size of the 426 fits me pretty well but I have never had a chance to ride one.Has anyone dualsported either of these bikes?


I've got a dual-sported WR400F, and it's absolutely fantastic. I purchased mine from an owner who'd already done the conversion. In addition, since mine is a '98, there was no Green vs. Red sticker issue for this model year.

I would recommend (in case you haven't already looked) you browse over to the Dual Sport forum, and pose this question there, as many of those folks have done this themselves.

You are correct, the green sticker for '02 and older does present a whole new list of dual sport possibilities for bikes previously no-no'ed by our Republik of Kalifornia.

Good luck with your decision - I love my dual-sported WR. :)

Should not be a problem dual sporting it now that the green sticker thing has gone through. Since you don't own one yet maybe the best thing is to keep your eye open for a d/s 426 either in ca or out of state. It is by far easier to buy one already done. My 400 was purchased in ore and already d/s it was an easy title transfer with ca dmv.

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