2010 YZ450F gearing

First question, What is the stock rear sprocket size on the 2010 YZ450F?

(I just received my Talon / Excel wheel set and want to buy the right rear sprocket to fit them straight up if YAMAHA Australia ever release these to the public)

Second question, Has anyone found better gearing option for mostly hard pack tight MX tracks.

Mine came with a 48

49 stock on one in the store

49 stock on one in the store

The manual calls for 13/48 for the US model. All the internal ratios are identical to the '06+.

Mine came with a 48
49 stock on one in the store

Sounds to me like no one knows. :excuseme: sno pro is right it comes with a 48 on the back.

Aussie bikes have a 49 tooth rear sprocket.:banghead:

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