2007 WR450 suspension.

Im a new rider on this new to me bike. The second owner said the first owner left the front fork stock and set up the rear for 90 Kg / 200 pounds. Yam says the rear spring is aftermarket. So this is good as I'm 250 pounds. Im not competing so i dont need perfection. Yam dealer set the suspension up for me according to my brief. 250 lbs comfortable but steady for trails.

Bike sag is about 20mm

Rider sag is about 80mm

Total sag is about 100mm

It's as hard as hell now. My perception is that its too hard ( for comfort) in front. It rattles me over small stuff ie gras knobs on grasslands. If i push down on the seat only the seat goes down. Not the forks. If i get over the handle bars and push down hard it sticks first and then goes down with effort. I remember the forks gliding down very easily before dealer touched it.

I have de -pressurised the forks.

Dealer says he returned the clickers to stock and then only made minor adjustments as follows:


Rebound 9 out

Compression 9 out


Rebound 7 out ( most drastic change from stock at 11)

Compression stock 8

High and low values are stock and 1 1/8 turns ( confuses me.)

Can a click or two make such a drastic difference in ride hardness ?



The thing with suspension is it should be taylored to your preference. Some people like it stiff, others enjoy a plush couch like ride. I have set up many many bikes, race bikes, play bikes even my old man's and there is always an initial setup which usually doesn't last the first test ride.

My advice is to ride the bike and see what you think, like you have. I would start by checking the sag with you on the bike. The front still feels too stiff, make ONE adjustment to the compression circuit, remove 2-3 clicks. This can make a noticable difference. Take out more until if feels right. Remember your settings so you can always go back to where you started.

Don't be too worried about how the bike feels while sitting in the garage, unless something is sticking or leaking which is don't sound like.

Good luck and report back what you figure out.

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