Does anyone have bought a SCOTTS oil filter from the SCOTTS website?

I had bought a SCOTTS stainless oil filter for my 08 yz450f in 1/11 2009

in the SCOTTS website.(

But till now i haven't received my order.

This Monday I mailed SCOTTS,but now i still not got any reply.Then i gave them a call,but it seem nobody at there. :smirk::bonk::bonk::worthy::excuseme::banghead:

Did anyone have the same experience?

Could anyone tell me how can i track my order Shipment or check my order

status in the SCOTTS website?

Thanks a lot!

We can't know that. You must keep trying to make contact with Scotts.

Which of these phone numbers did you use?

P: 818 248-6747

F: 818 248-4529

The first one is the telephone, the second is a FAX number, which would not be answered by a person.

Good luck.

You should try the phone number listed between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Standard time (GMT -8), Monday - Friday. They are closed most U.S. holidays, so they'll be closed tomorrow, and it's likely they will closed Friday as well.

Also try an e-mail to

I'm not at all sure from looking at the site how they handle international orders, but I do know that they are a very good bunch to deal with, and I feel certain they will be happy to help.

l_campionero and grayracer513 ,big thanks!

Finally i got a mail from Jake of SCOTTS today,he promised to look it up for me.

I always buy directly from Scotts on their website! They ship either same day or next day and if i call them i always get a very friendly person on the phone to help me out! Not sure why you didn't get through but i highly recommend them as they have always surpassed my expectations with great service.

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