Used 08 for $4k or new 09 $5700 OTD?


I'm about to pull the trigger on a WR. I have found a used 08 with about 20 hours, 1 owner for $4k, and I have found 2 new 09's for $5500 plus tax.

So which one? I know there is no difference only graphics. The 08 is in goos shape, but does have boot marks, scratches, etc... But has the origional tires, and has about 20 hours on it.

I have always wanted a new bike, but is the $1700 worth it?

One last questions, how long can I go before I have to freshen the top end on a WR? That may help me make my mind up.

This is a no brainer... go with the 08 and save the money. But plastics and graphics adn tell yourself (and others) its an 09. At 20 hrs, its probably not broken in yet.

Many people go years and years and years before freshinging the top end.

I have an 05, shimmed one valve at about 600 miles, they haven't moved since. Bike starts easily has great power, etc... I have over 6K miles on mine. Its so reliable its almost boring.

Its so reliable its almost boring.

:lol:Thats funny stuff! :excuseme:

Ok, thanks

09 will have slightly better resale and you will know the history.

The 08 will give you plenty of left over funds for upgrades and gas money.

Like you said no diff in years.

I'd go with the used bike, but check the air filter and shine a flash light in the air filter boot with the air filter off and check to make sure that it does not have dirt inside. Most dealers/owners do a good job of oiling the air filter, but some don't and it does not take long to get junk in the motor. Dirt wears out motors.

If it has only 20 hours on it then it really is just about brand new. I have an 08 with tons of hours on it and I don't do anything to it except regular stuff and one valve adjustment after break in.

A brand new bike is always fun though...

Either way you're going to have a good winter.

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