2001 honda cr 125 cylinder

hi all!

happy thanksgiving to everyone first of all!!

i have a problem with my cr 125

i checked the compression on my cylinder and could not belive it!?!?!?

it was 75 psi ,way tooo low , i know

so i took it apart, hoping just to get new piston and go back riding

but previous onwer oversized it somehow cause i went to dealer to measure it and get the right piston and he said its 65mm, so i cant even get that size

and also he said its beat up pretty bed,

so i need a new cylinder or used one in good condition

theres one on ebay that i found but its 2000 year and the seller is saying that its gonna work with standard piston 54mm

i will either get this guy probably for around $100-150 or could get new one from the dealer after discount for $300.

i also checked for pistons and i see that they sell(ebay)set for honda 2000-2002 for $70 a set.

my question is if anybody knows what year cylinder i can use on my 01 cr 125?

is it only 00 and 01 or may be diffrent years would fit?

should i try get a used one or just go with the new one?

im on the budget thats why im trying to save if i can

thanks for any advices

have a good turkey!!!!

1. get a used cylinder if thats possible

2. how the hell could you put a 65mm piston in the thing anyways?!!!

you were right , that's what ******* dealer guy told me , probably just to bs me to get a new cylinder ,

i bought caliper yesterday and the cylinder is stock

any ideas which piston should i go with ,stock or wiseco?

somebody told me that wiseco kill the cylinder quicker ?

is that true or another lie?

thanks for help, still a newbie

wiseco pistons are forged aluminum, which are slightly lighter and can wear better in the cylinder. A stock pitson is cast-they usually wear just fine and have no problems.

Either way is up to you. i put both kinds in many mechines and both work just fine. if your on a budget look up proX or another cast aftermarket piston.

it is key to "hone" the cylinder in some way before you put the new rings in. your bike is an 01 so it has a plated cylinder-a traditional honer would ruin the plating. A qualified machine/bike shop has a tool-that looks like a brush-to take the glaze off the cylinder. the brush looks about like this-if you want to do it all yourself wiseco makes honing brushes.


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