Straightening bent kick start lever

Anybody ever try?

Mine is really annoying. Foot slips off easily.

Heat it and give it a go?

Yep - heat it up and apply a little force

Need excessive force, then its not hot enough

Do not do it cold

you can try. Just remember you are taking a chance. It may snap. If it bugs you that much give it a go but you are taking a chance.


If you have bent a kickstart lever, I must ask: Are you having difficulty starting your bike? Even in '98, when some guys were breaking their kickstarters before Yamaha redesigned them, I never had any problem if I followed the procedure. I have never had a problem starting a four-stroke, as I have owned a BSA B50MX, a TT500, a YZ400F, a WR400F, and a YZ426F, all with manual decompression levers; I know how to start a four-stroke.

Good luck!

What is a "kick start lever?":smirk::excuseme: Ahh, life is good for us dirtbikers in 2009.

Put it in a vise. Make sure to use something to protect the vise from imprinting the soft aluminum lever. Put a little heat to it, hit softly with rubber mallet. Done.

It's tough to heat aluminum in order to bend it. Aluminum has a very narrow melting range so you have to use enough heat to soften the metal without melting it. Without enough heat, it won't help at all, too much - junk. I say just buy a new one, they're not that expensive. Probably lots of used ones on ebay also.

Are you sure it's actually bent, and not just wore where it butts up against the stop when extended out to kick?

Mine wore there, and caused the kick starter to swing out too much, angling where your foot goes downward, and causing my foot to slip off.

Built it up with a little weld, ground/filed/sanded to smooth and good to go.

I will look at that. Thanks.

It's an '03. Lots of broken electric start stuff at this point including the case cover that supports the shaft for the gears.

All of the electric start stuff is long gone.

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