I have always wondered what the difference was between materials..... like Cast, Forged, Pro-Lite? I kinda know but i need a run down on all of them. Thanks.

A cast piston is manufactured by pouring molten metal into a mold. The final shape is machined to it's final exacting tolerances.

A forged piston is made by taking a chunk of metal, and beating it into shape with a die-press under enormous pressure. Like casting, the final shape is achieved through precise machine work.

The main difference between a cast and forged piston is the grain density and structure. A forged piston is beaten into shape, and as a result the metal stretches and compresses as the piston takes shape. The varied, elongated grain structure is like fiber reinforcing, and it makes for a very strong piston. Microscopic cracks don't readily propogate through the structure of a forged piston due to the high density and the irregularly spaced and sized grains. A cast piston, on the other hand, is made up of grains that are all the same size, because it starts out as a liquid that, after being poured into a mold, undergoes a controlled cool-down process that allows the metal to reach a near-perfect equilibrium right out of the mold. The highly regular grain size and distribution makes them more prone to crack propogation and failure.

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