desert gearing

Im looking to put new sprokets on and chain and i want more desert gearing for top speed. I have a 2005 crf450x with stock gearing(13 51). I can do about 85mph but id like mabe 95 or so tapped out or mabe 100 complety tapped:ride:( i like to go fast btw). so what do u guys recomend??? i was thinkin 14 50 but i have no idea what to put really:bonk:. So please help!!

Also will a 2003 450r cam fit my bike?? If so what will it do?? improve? Also what else can i do to the engine to make this bike absolutly rip in the desert, please help


- Cam works great. More mid to top.

- What tuning have you done so far?

- Suspension upgrades make the biggest improvement.

I have the stock front 13T sprocket and a 48T on the rear and I get very good hill climbing power but a lot more speed on strait lines. Open airbox and took out the entire baffle on the stock pipe. BTW I ride baja like this and it rips.

I have the stock front 13T sprocket and a 48T on the rear and I get very good hill climbing power but a lot more speed on strait lines. Open airbox and took out the entire baffle on the stock pipe. BTW I ride baja like this and it rips.

If you opened the airbox and the pipe, you need to rejet. You are running very lean, and are down about 5+ hp until you do.

Iv done jetting and opened up the airbox, only on sides though, going to do the top before i ride again, iv taken the baffel out of the stock pipe but will soon be getting a new pipe. And the suspension has been done already so thats why now i want to focus on motor. So mabe i should try like 13-48 or 14-48 or something like that? What kind of speed would that give me, does anyone know?

14/48 would put you in the mid 90s...the is a real good setup for desert riding. You can even go with 14/47 and 14/46 might get you to 100 screaming on the pavement.

I like 14/48. It spaces 2/3/4 out nicely, leaves a low enough first gear for almost anything, and has plenty of top end allowing for higher speed cruising. Great all around gearing on the 450X.

ok thanks guys, i think im going to go with the 14-48, cuz i just hate how short the gears seem with the 13-51, and i think mid 90s will be good, it will blow away my bros bike. thanks for all the help guys

What do u guys recomend for brands? I was thinkin turner steel sprockets cuz i know they will last forever and im not to worried about the weight of them and as for chain a DID ERT Gold 2.

i run 15/47 for Baja, and 14/47 for D37.

i run ironman or sunstar steel sprockets.

i run 15/47 for Baja, and 14/47 for D37.

i run ironman or sunstar steel sprockets.


i rum 13-47 and really like it. RMA sprockets

R pipe, air box mods, and jetted.

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im going to run 14-48 desert and and 13-48 woods with completly opened air box( right now it has just the sides open), and im getting a pipe soon( lexx mxe), and i already have a jd jetting kit ( 165 main, going to 170 possibly after pipe and air box mod). What do u guys think?

Sounds like a good plan. 170 might be a bit rich at sea level, but better to be rich than lean. Avoid motor mods if you can. Unless you're competing for a national championship, there's really no need to change the motor, especially if you like to trail ride. The R head makes the 450x a speed demon, but not necessarily the most usable power on the trail.

Invest in a good steel sprocket and o-ring chain. Ironman or Sunstar sprockets are the way to go. Never use aluminum... you're just wasting money. Regina or DID chains are the way to go.

Good advice, Justin:thumbsup:

I have a 170 in mine now with all the modifications mentioned above. runs great smooth power delivery.

im running 15/47

yeah im just going to play with the jetting to see what works best. I ride in mojave desert alot and in the moutains so im not right at sea level, a little higher. Also im not doing any motor work, its to expensive and it runs strong now. Only if i could find a good deal on r parts would i change them out. And ill be running some steel sprockets, i never run aluminum, its a waste of money to save such little weight, hopfully i can get ironman and then use a DID chain, and i also might run a r pipe but im likeing the lexx alot, plus its cheap and seems to be good quality, plus its tuneable. Well thanks alot for all ur help guys, made my desicions alot easyer. Thanks

Should i go with a DID o-ring chain? Or a DID ERT GOLD 2 chain? for desert and off road riding

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