Anybody have a #40 leak jet for an 06 yz250f?

Hey. Anybody got a #40 leak jet for a 2006 yz250f? I got the bad bog and none of my local shops have them in stock and motosport is sold out. I checked TT store but all i can find is #50. Theres gotta be somebody with one laying around. I can paypal money to you if needed but i just cant take staring at the 06 i just bought with it not running. If not could you help me find an online store that has it? Maybe gimme the part number or something. Idk i just wanna ride! :excuseme: Thanks

Here's the Yamaha part number for a #40 leak jet:



i bought mine from and check with magic racing also

Let me check I am pretty sure I have 1 I could mail you.

Yep I have a 40 & 45 pm me.

H I checked TT store but all i can find is #50.

search by part # 4JT-1494F-03-00, TT store has the part $9.80

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