Enduro Tires...

I own a DRZ400 and immediately replaced the death wings with Michelin T63's front and rear. The rear tire is good off road, but the front is all over the place (very little side to side control), not as bad as the death wing though. I was thinking of changing the front tire to the Michelin AC 10, any other suggestions...

When I needed to replace my stock "Death Wing", I searched a buch of tire threads and came up with the Pirelli MT21. This never seemed to handle right either. The front always felt skittish at spead on gravel or dirt. Then I read some threads about "static sag" and "race sag". Once I got that set, the old cupped out MT21 handled better than it ever did! I have aT-63 that I'm going to put on in the spring.

I have tried both a pirelli scorpion pro and a metzler six day for front dual sport tires. I like the Metzler a little better but they are both pretty good tires. I think I get a little better mileage out of the Metzler as the pirelli chunks after awhile.

It's a compromise thing. Good on road/crappy off road, or good off road/crappy/unusable on road.

What kind of off road conditions are you riding on?

50/50 dirt/street, I up sized my rear tire to a 130/80 in the rear and 90/90 in the front, I kept my stock gearing for now. It really hurt my 3rd gear on offroad hill climbs, but my fuel economy had been averaging about 70 mpg on the street. I am going to stick with T-63 rear tire, but the front tire needs to go!

I prefer more off-road-abilty than on-road, so I have been running everything from MT21's to D606's to Kenda 761's.....but so far my absolute favorite is the Pirelli XCMH.....KILLER tire in the woods (best out of any of the ones I just mentioned) and it actually does pretty good on the road. Main sacrifice is longevity on the street, but with how it runs in the singletrack, I could care less (and it's not that much worse than any of the other 90/10 tires I mentioned).

I run a 140/80 out back on my Deezer, 90/90 up front


As you can see the T63 does not have stagered knobs which allows for poor side to side control. I did not notice this before I bought this tire and now I am paying it.


This is the AC10 I am going to try next, DOT approved and stagered knobs!!!

Go to the DRZ forum and search Tires. there are 100 threads about every type of condition.

Also have you resprung and revalved your suspension for your weight if you are over 155lb?

That and setting sag will do more than the tires in offroad conditions. If your front absolutely sucks I would check that first. You can have the best tire on the market and if the suspension is not set it will still handle terribly

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