How to get chain off

I'm a noob, so please cut me some slack

I got a new sprocket for a ttr-90, and need some help getting the sprocket off

I got the sprocket the is closest to the engine, I took the cover off, and the c-clip type thing that holds the stock sprocket in place. Now I need to get the chain off the sprocket before I can get the sprocket off.

I don't wanna do anything stupid, so How do I get my chain off to change the sprocket?

Thanks for any help!

Loosen the rear wheel nut and move the rear wheel forward. That should give you enough slack to put the front sprocket on.

OK - that's what I was gonna try - but the shop that put the rear wheel on last used a pneumatic wrench and it's ( "impossible to get it off" ) I wanted to check that that's the right thing to do before I went to the trouble of loosening that bolt......


Take the chain off first.

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