2 questions about husky 250

Hi guys, i have two questions.

1-Do you know where i can find a cr 250 2000-2004 stator+flywheel+ecu?

2-Do you know who sell exhaust guard for a husqvarna wr 250 with fmf gnarly pipe?

Check with E-Line. I have seen one of their carbon fiber pipe guards on a FMF fatty on a WR-250.

Try AD-TEC PRODUCTS i think its either . com or co.uk and there also on flea bay.

I just use a generic aluminum pipe guard on my gnarly. Bend and bash it into shape, a couple of gear clamps and I was done. Mine might be moose racing?

Pirie performance products


Now i'm looking for a frame guards for my husky.

I don't want carbon or alu, too much expensive, just plastic like the ktm stock that fits the exc model.

I make my own out of an old number plate or auto splash

gaurd. cut out and shape with heat gun drill a couple holes in

the pieces and fasten with zip ties.


Woah, Dirt-dude, what year is that Husky?! Why aren't they yellow anymore!?

2001, its the best bike I've ever owned.

motoplastics sells yellow plastics for the newer


Anything you'd change on it? What have you changed?

I'm running down to the last few weeks on my new bike decision, and it's either gotta be a 2010 WR250, or a leftover RM250.

The few locals with Huskys (one dude on here, even after having his engine melt, raved about his!) are pointing me towards the WR, and I'm interested to see how it performed as a CR

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