safari tank vs my NEW IMS

i have the 17 liter safari tank which holds close to 20 liters lol

my 4 gallon IMS arrived today so i attempted to fit it ! :bonk:

the safari fits perfectly the IMS is a mile out :excuseme:

after i eventually got it on i really noticed the 5 liter difference , the bike feels a lot thinner and i am very happy with the ergo benefit .

i need to make more adjustments to make it fit like the safari does .


So what is the conclusion?

I really need farther range with my tank, especially in rural parts of Texas but spending $500 on the Safari tank just kills me, I know it is the best quality but for the price is the IMS tank worth the hassle?

Any chance you might sell that Safari tank?

In the end I will probably sway to the Safari tank, I am looking for about 220 miles per tank...another question is about the low fuel level, do you have to lean the bike over to move the fuel or what, is it possible, in your opinion to put a second fuel tap and fuel line on the other tank side?

This is a mod I have to do so I am looking for my best option...thanks!

the conclusion is based on the specific need , the safari tank is quality all the way .

sorry ... i have other people who want it .

i dont really need such a large fuel range , thats why i went for the smaller unit .

you dont need a 2nd fuel tap , you only need to pick up the front wheel for a short period and the remaining fuel transfers over .

for the price the IMS is worth the hassle of getting it to fit ... IMO

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