Best tire for Ohio muddy slime

Hi all, I need to find the best tire for this super slick slime we ride in here in Ohio/Kentucky. After 10 years on quads I sold them all and put myself and kids back on Honda dirtbikes. I ride a 2002 xr250r and the girls a 2002 xr70 and xr100. I like the feeling of a bike under me again but the girls said they slide around to much. On my last bike a 1996 xr400 I liked the Dunlap 752. I just need something durable and self cleaning.


Two rear tires I would consider are the Michelin S12XC and the IRC M5B. For the front I would consider the Michelin S12XC or Bridgestone M203. There are numerous choices and you will find that you will get a different opinion from everyone you ask because tire choice is a personal thing.

Most of the guys I ride with swear by an S12

S12's are good tires, but check out the Pirelli's. I've been using them for a year or two now and I'm pretty set on them. I can get them at a pretty decent price and they work rather well. If you ride pretty much all soft stuff the new dunlops work pretty well, but the second they start hitting anything with rocks or a stable surface they seem to shred. Must be a typical dunlop thing.

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