brother in law is looking

he is 15 years old, 140lbs and 5'10". he and his father have rode quads for years but now he has me in the family as well as many friends that stick to two wheels. the kid is interested in an older 2-stroke 125cc. what do you guys think?

CR125 is my first guess... How much money does he got?

lets say under 2k

does it have to meet any sort of cali sticker requirements?

ya, he would like to ride year-round so im thinking a green sticker (02 and older) would work

well you might be able to find a 125 for that price, a TTR which is a 4t would work or maybe a CR125, but it all really depends on the kind of riding you will be doing, with 2k and an 02, you have some good choices

the guys is a freak on a quad and is very good at dirt jumping mountain bikes as well. i feel he will be able to transition onto a bike easily. he claims he'd like to race with time but trails for now

stay really far from a ttr as you can. Cr has best frame in 00 and on but a weak motor until 04 I got my 01 cr 125 last year for 1200 so it shouldn't be hard to get one for under 2k. Yz is your best bet but any should work

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