PMR racks from Ebay?

I had the second ones - sold them to a guy who is riding his DR across Africa as we speak.

Very well made IMO, and perfect with some soft bags like Andystrapz or Ortliebs that you can carry far enough forward (which will also help handling). Light weight and they don't widen the bike unnecessarily. They get a :excuseme: from me.

Thanks LuKasM,

It looked as if the first one made the bike much wider?

Yeah, I'd say so from the pictures. The ones I had really hugged the side panels perfectly, which is nice if your bags don't have a hard back and can conform to that shape. I never hit anything that way.

That's what I was thinking, and I knew people on TT had used those racks before. I think the squared off ones must be new, or at least I haven't seen them before. Next I'm getting the Wolfman bags then I want the Safari tank, but I'll probably the IMS.

I'm not an engineer, but would these be too weak to carry heavy loads? I'm pretty much set on the tapered ebay racks, but was just wondering if anyone had experience with these?

Thanks again.

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