Machining standard 7/8 triple clamp to accept 1 1/8 bars on 2004 WR250F

Hey guys, I currently have Tag bars and the bend just isn't high enough, I've seen the bar risers but think they are an ugly bandaid fix.

I was looking at my triple clamps and came to the conclusion that machining them to accept 1 1/8 bars wouldn't affect the structural integrity of the triple clamp very much.

Just wondering if anybody has tried this, really want to put a nice pair of high protapers on my beast :excuseme:.

don't really know the answer to your question, but on my 2005 wr, i bought tripleclamps from BRP for oversize bars and they even had a mount for the tripmeter. they are a quality product. i'm running them with moose racing oversized bars.

The structural integrity wouldn't have to be compromised much to be unsafe. Buy the adaptors or a proper top clamp, and ride safe.

Good luck!:excuseme:

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