Engine Stand

Hey guys,

so i am going to rebuild my motor this winter (as usual) and i usually take the motor out to make my life easier. i was wondering if any of you guys have any pictures of engine stands that you have and if posible some deminsions with the pictures. or if anyone has any plans that were made up on a computer if you could pm me them it would be extremely helpful thanks in advance.

I made a simple one years ago from 2x4's and some wood screws. It's a rectangle, outside dimensions 9" x 6.5" and it is 3.5" tall. Although it is more from my 2-stroke days, it worked great for sitting the engine in/on while working on it on a workbench. I might have to make a slightly larger one for my next 4-stroke rebuild. Anyways, that's one option...cheap and easy.

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