Pros and Cons to a Honda 150r or 150r expert

i love trail riding but i also like scramble areas and i am just trying to find a good fit. Right now im riding a 150f

a cheap fix would be to do what my friend did.....just buy a cr85rb front end and put it on your that thing is the super rambler......the power band is so usable its crazy....i can even keep up with the bike bikes on med-wide open trails....he has a stock rear spring so its still to soft for me and bottoms durring fast stuff...but that thing is a champ........:excuseme: so dam fun to much so i just bought a 150rb myself........but if i would of had a 150f like you i would of just converted was just simpler for me to grab a i like to play around on some jumps now and again so it was a better choice for me.....but i would recomend the f for your purposes since you already have it....with the time and effort its gonna take to sell the 150f and get and 150r and set it up to your liking , it will be much easier and you could spend the same amount of money if not less and have a way tricker bike with all the goodies you need..........just look for a 150rb or cr85rb complete front end on ebay and when you get it turn around and sell your stock one on ebay.... then all you would need is a race tech spring in the rear...then the rest of the cash can go into goodies for comfort and speed:banana::bonk:

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Moving up to a CRF150R/RB from a CRF150F is a very good idea. Everything is an improvement; the power, the handling, the weight.

If I had a choice I'd definitely go the the larger wheeled RB; the larger wheels make it handle soft sand much better, and you gain less than one inch in seat height.

I have an R and wish I'd gotten an RB....for just that reason.

The larger wheels make all the difference over all terrain in my opinion. Smaller wheels just have a tendancy to drop into many holes the larger wheels would skim over. Thats just my two cents anyways....


150 RB with a 9oz flywheel weight if money is not a problem

The power is MUCH sharper without the flywheel....I love the snap.

(believe me, it's nothing you can't live IS only a 150, after all...and I have very little trouble with stalling; the few times I've stalled it, it was MY fault, not the bike's. and I've geared UP: dropped three teeth on the rear)

That all I do trail riding

Same here no flywheel weight I like the snap, but there are benefits by adding flywheel weights.

The main things you want if your only doing daytime ride

Handlebar Guards (I have Moose)

Skid Plate (I have Moose)

Option for more fuel is the Clarke Fuel Tank

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