450r low gear problems

Last year I bought a used 06 450r. The guy who I bought it from rode motorcross but just had a kid and never rode the bike. It had brand new stock everything and not a scratch on the plastics. I just got back into riding after 8 yrs. and many people told me to go with the r instead of the x. A year later I'm not sure if it was the right decision. I've read the posts and done the following modifications

- heavier flywheel

- took rear sprocket up from 48 to 51

- rekluse z start clutch with perch adjuster

The bike seems to be getting more woods friendly and I know I need more ride time but I'm still stalling at low rpm's in tight areas. My first gear feels like second which makes things tough in trials like trails. And I'm not sure if the previous owner did anything with the jetting. I need some help!!:excuseme:

13/53 gearing if your in the woods and tight stuff lots? Then you can use a 14 front if you decide to hit the dunes or wide open areas etc. I would also check the jetting and re-jet if it has not been done yet? Then turn your idle up a bit and you should be good to go etc. Or buy a Rekluse clutch kit and all your problems will be solved etc. I went with the R for off-road as well because I dont mind kicking, and it starts first or second kick anyway, plus it nice to be 30+lbs lighter!!! Easier to pick up turn corners and flick around trees etc. Just my thoughts though!! You could always try going faster LOL. Hope this helps some?

I have heard of people putting a 12 tooth in the front which I think is OK for intermentent use. I put a wide ratio gear set on my bike to gain more top speed and geared first down to 13/53 which is great where I ride but I don't get into too many super tight spots.

Its probably the carb. Get a flex-jet fuel screw and dial the carb in. When you get the carb right, they start easy and dont stall often unless you do something silly...

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