Replacement throttle tubes?

Hey just a quick generic question for those who might know, I need to replace my throttle tube due to an ugly fall where the the bike fell over onto a big rock and crushed my stock throttle tube. Are the alum. versions different for different brands of 4 strokes or are all the of them basically the same as long as you have the same FCR carb. with dual cables? There are not KTM specific throttle tubes are there? :excuseme:

Yes. They are different (the tubes) for different brands. Get an aluminium tube (i use G2 quick turn) . They´re far more durable than stock plastic tubes and if you keep care of them (clean /grease the inside) they offer very nice,smooth throttle pull.:excuseme:

yes motox520 ville is right get a model specfic tube i use a moose tbe with 3 different ramps for adjustable throttle pull rates i prefer the quickest pull for a 1/4 turn or so it was affordable and workd great with or without handguards

Motion Pro makes a cheap stock replacement same as the Honda.

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