me too short,xr too high

I am a little new to the whole off-road riding thing. I have own many a streetbike and sportbike but this year I thought I'd try the off-road thing. I did my first real tight trail on the ole XR yesterday "BTW '01 650L" and man I have sore muscles and bruises where I didn't think I even made contact. Now for the actually reason I am posting. I realized after picking the bike up approximately 10 times yesterday I at 5'9" am a little short for the 37" seat height of the XR. I have done a little checking into the lowering links has anyone tried different ones? Any comments on who make the most robust design for the best price?

check out


Jeez UW your scaring me. I'm sick of the whole urban/suburban megalopolis thing and i was thinking about a 650r for northern california trails. A little lighter than the l model but holy thrown out back batman i dont want to be picking up 300 lbs of machine after all those drops. Had visions of racing through the baja desert at 120+ on the trusty 650r and then reality struck. I will not be racing anything anywhere. I will be concentrating soley on staying upright. So I have been steered toward a DRZe or a XR400(drz is no featherweight either) as a more sensible choice for an aspiring trail/technical terrain rider. So my question to any of you is can the BRP do tight stuff ok? :D:)

i just bought my '00 BRP on last friday, it seems to go through the tight stuff pretty well for a 300 pound bike, not as good as my buddy's 250 but his wont do wheelies in 3rd gear either :). the only thing i am going to change right now is the gears, first is a little high for tight stuff, and like above, im 5'10 and the seat is a little higher than I would like (mostly when starting). did a really nasty little riverside trail with it first time out and didnt drop it once, I wont trade it for anything :D

Yep, them XRL are tall. Maybe you should consider a scrotum-octopy. :D That'll get you few extra inches of clearance in the seat-crotch area. :) At least you won't have to worry about banging the jewels on that metal tank during the next tank slapper. :D

Just ordered a lowering link with the greese zerks from Performance design. He said I should have it by the weekend. I may post a follow up on the results. I love the bike however, the next thing is a FMF "Q". I already have a Dynojet kit with the snorkel removed and the smog block-off kit installed. I want a nice "thumper" sound but not too loud. I just hate the sputter of the stock exhaust.

I am 5'9. I own the xr650r. And I have obsolutly no problems in tight trails with it. I used to ride my klr650 through the same trails, and that was a learning experience, Now i can actually ride the xr doing wheelies over mud :)

MAN I LOVE THIS XR650R!!! It might not handle as good as a crf450 or mxer in a tight trail, but it makes up with pure torque and horsepower. I used to own a cr500, and i like this xr best.

Back to the subject. Put on some pounds. It will sink the suspension some. Dirt bikes are generally tall. You need to trust the bike, it will not simply throw you off.

I also had a triumph tiger. Another use bike. Im 5'9, 160lbs. No problem there either. It has to do with confidence as well.

i know what you mean, im only about 5'10 and 160 i can throw my 650R around pretty good. anyone who says these are desert only bikes has never owned one. So far i am very impressed with the handling for a bike this size, it does not feel like a 650 to ride, more like a 400 with twice the power. And NOTHING throws mud like the 650R, the only one who wouldnt like this bike in the mud is the one following you :) or whoever gets to pull it out.

Got to be in on this one,

the 650R is a great bike for all kinds of riding, sure its heavy if you dump it in a turn. Im just a 6ft 1 150 lb guy but I love the bike and yes its tireing by the end of the day. My buddy with the xr 650r has no idea hehe! great in the woods and the power is like a blessing, well most of the time, its great to have so much thrust. Just forget what people say learn to ride it bulk up at the gym and be nice to it and enjoy!

woops! one more thing if you suck like me

buy as much gear as you can hang off your body!

and buy stock in a handle bar company,

oh and stock in JB Weld might not be a bad ideal either!

hehe! :)

Well, got the lowering link in and I have to say it was the easiest mod I have done yet to date. Very nice job on the machining and polishing. The only difference is the stock link uses needle bearings where the Performance design unit uses brass bushings. Both have grease zerks though. It took me all of a half an hour to lower the rear and front. Very easy. This weekend I will get out on it and have some fun. All I know right now is before I could barely tip toe with both feet on the ground and now I can easily touch both feet comfortably. :)

I hope it's OK to resurrect an old thread...

I just bought a Honda 650L and am the same height as the OP. I promptly dropped the thing going out my own dirt road! My feet touch as tip-toe but with squirrelly gravel, uneven road conditions and the newness of the bike....I "de-virginized" it promptly.

I have PM'ed other Honda 650 owners as to their remedies for the height issue....some have suggested the PERFORMANCE DESIGN kit (which I promptly bought), others suggested to just tough it out.

When I bought the bike I was able to touch the ground BUT I didn't think about the uneven element of the real world's dirt roads. What has been the experiences of people who found their bikes too tall; even though in the showroom they appeared to be OK........(?)

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