Do you guys...

...put a teaspoon of motor oil through the spark plug hole when storing your bike for the winter? I've done an oil change, cleaned the filter, and put gas stabilizer in it. I never did this with my old 2 stroke, but went out once a week and turned it over gently with my hand...and never had any problems. Is it bad if I don't?

I've done most of this, except completly fill up the oil, and put oil in the cylinder. Like I said, I go out to my garage at least once a week, and turn the bike over by hand to make sure everything isn't locked up, and to get engine oil on parts. I'm pretty sure the clutch and other parts get oil on them, and half of them aren't just sitting dry. Is it imperative to put the oil in the cylinder? If yes, then no problem, I'll do it...


If winter is not excessively long, such as more than three months like here in the Midwest, you shouldn't have to do much but wash and dry it, lube the chain and all pivot points, cover or plug the end of the exhaust pipe, and drain the tank and float bowl. Keep it indoors if possible to avoid rust and corrosion.

Up there in Canada where you have nine months of winter and three months of bad sleddin', you might want to use Sta-Bil in the carb.

I would definitely turn it over once every couple, three weeks.

Good luck!:excuseme:

I just go into the garage and start it two or three times a month and let it run a couple of minutes during the winter. Not sure if this is a preferred method but I have not had a problem yet.

just start it every once and a while and you will be fine

my bike is inside the garage (-15) outside is about -30(-22 Fahrenheit) at the moment. :moon:

you guys think its good idea to start the beast at -20?

oh ya i didnt installed the block heater yet.

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