OEM valves and springs

Well I just got done pulling the cylinder off to check for ware my intension was to rehone and put new rings in but you know what happends when the cylinder is off big bore kit pops in my head. while I had the head off I was going to put new valves in or have someone put them in. if I decide to go with a 94mm kit will the oem valves and springs be ok by the way I have a 2002 400E and if oem is ok what do you think it would cost to have the valves done my budget is around ?750.00 bb kit new valves is it feesable

ABout $80 I think.. for the valve install PM Eddie and ask.and then cost of new valves, seals, springs and cotters. Reuse the spring tops

i have options that can fit pretty much any budget.

Whats the best way to contact you Eddie pm? phone your shop? to discuss options im leaving for turkey so any reply I will get back to you later


pm is fine.

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