How much

HP and NM should a STOCK E model put out? At sea level?

40-42hp why does mine put out 35?

No dynos are like, you get different readings on almost everyone.

Some gives high numbers to please the customers ,other dynos are strickt...

Guess you had the knobbies on when running yours ????

Which preassure in the tires ?

Was it hot&dry that day???

and so on..

if you dynoed it with a knobby rear tire the readings will be 5-7hp low.

33-35 hp......:excuseme::thumbsup:


33-35 hp......:excuseme::thumbsup:


S and SM :bonk:

Dyno-ed it with a mx tyre! Darn

Eddie what should the tire pressure be?

S and SM :excuseme:

Yeppers.....Just saw that he was asking for an E....thanks..:bonk::thumbsup:


with a smooth tire you want 35psi.

doesnt matter what you do with a knobby,they just slip on the roller.

Took the knobblie out for a "spin" today, pun intended, and it's like a slick now :excuseme:

Dyno tomorrow again

it has to be 100% smooth like a street tire.even dual sport tires and agressive tread sm tires cause slip.

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