Making A 2008 KLX450R street leagal in MA

Has anyone make a klx450 or any offroad bike street leagal in ma ?

I'm from down south in Connecticut.

I did just this with my 2009 WR-250F a few days ago.

In my experience, the only hassle was the expense of buying the parts needed and taking half a day off work to go to the DMV headquarters.

Your Kawasaki Certificate of Origin will say that the bike is not manufactured for highway use, etc., etc., and that is the whole ball of wax.

In order to register my bike for CT. street use, I had to prove to the DMV inspector that I'd modified the bike to meet equipment requirements and was safe to ride on the road without getting rear-ended or worse due to lack of proper lighting, lack of a horn, etc.

This was accomplished by buying and installing a Baja Designs dual sport kit made for my WR, plus adding a few other things needed but not included with the kit (like reflectors and a front brake light switch and a low-hanging rear fender extension and DOT tires).

The CT. DMV website had some handy info about these inspections, called Composite Inspections.

I then bought insurance for the bike, gathered my Certificate of Origin, bill of sale signed by both me and the guy who sold me the bike, insurance card, wad of money, and loaded the bike up and took it to the Grand Poobah DMV office in Wethersfield, CT.

I had to pay for the inspection, sales tax on the claimed purchase price (I bought the bike from a private seller, not a dealer), and the typical registration fees.

The bike passed inspection and the inspector gave me a form that told the counter people inside that my bike was fit for registering for road use.

From there, it was like registering any bike that came as street-legal off the showroom floor:


Hopefully Massachussetts has a similar setup.

If so, as long as the bike is correctly modified with the required parts and you have ze papers that the DMV wants to see (Certificate of Origin, bill of sale, insurance card), you should sail on through.

Like anything else, it just takes effort, time, and money. :excuseme:

YZEtc's description of CT laws also apply in Mass. You need to start with the original Certificate of Origin (not a copy). Buy and install all the needed parts to meet Mass legal requirements. Have the bike inspected at any Mass inspection station. Have them type up a statement giving the year, model, vin# etc of the bike and it now meets Mass requirements for street use. Bring everything to your insurance company and have them fill out the RMV1 form. Take everything to the registry and get your plate.

A friend just did this with his 2004 YZ250 (two stroke). Once he found a manager at the local RMV who new the "laws", he had no problems getting the plate. The only thing he had to wait for was proof he paid sales tax on the bike at the time of purchase.

In Wisconsin we can't plate a dirt bike unless it came with a title so people here are taking their bikes up to Michigan and getting them titled up there. I guess up there it's really easy.

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