The DRZ bit me

I drove over two hours to ride yesterday. I rode about 5 miles of a 17 mile loop. My bike slid a little in the mud, and I stabbed the ground with my foot. I knew right away that I had #$@*ed up my knee. I was alone, so I just kept riding until I got back to my Jeep. Loading the bike was a nightmare. Driving 2+ hours with a clutch was another nightmare. It must have looked bad, because they fast-tracked me through the ER. SUre enough, it's broken:bonk:

Guess Sunday's ride is not going to happen.:excuseme:

ive hurt my knee before to trust me get a brace !

The DRZ bit me....


Perhaps this will cheer you up....

No brace would have helped. Leaving my feet on the pegs would have helped immensely.

No brace would have helped. Leaving my feet on the pegs would have helped immensely.

the brace is for recovery

aaaahhhh, yeah it's braced now.

dude tht suckssss! like two weeks ago i crashed thought i just dislocaded my shoulder but ended up braking my rht coller bone, sprined my rht hand and broke my left hand wrist and ripped alll the ligament of my wristttttt shit sucks:banghead:

Sorry about the knee. My dad used to say "the pain will go away in a few short weeks". Never made me feel any better. Putting your foot down is the natural thing to do when you're losing it. Hope it heals nicely.

Nearly tragic update time:

I copied this from a facebook post that I sent my brother in law, so some references may not make sense.

This is gonna be a long post. The day before Thanksgiving, I snuck off to Western Maryland to ride my dirtbike. Drove 2 hours to get there, rode 20 minutes and broke my knee. Rode 40 minutes back to my Jeep, loaded the bike on my hitch rack and drove 2 hours home (left knee & 5 speed) Went to my local ER. They said it was broken, but it was the day before Thanksgiving. I saw an ortho a 3 days later, and they gave me a Bledsoe brace and told me to come back 6 weeks later. I have rather large thighs and my calf was the same size as my thighs. I went to physical therapy and showed him how big it was. He said it was because I wasn't using the muscles. After 6 weeks, last Monday, I saw the ortho again. He told me to get an ultrasound immediately, because I may have a blood clot. I got the ultrasound and without asking me or telling me anything, they transported me to the ER. They admitted me and some woman who should answer to the name Beula told me that I would be on blood thinners for the rest of my life and that I would need to wear support hose for the rest of my life. The next morning my primary doctor (a hottie) came to see me. She pretty much poo pooed on what Beula had told me. She said that if I was willing to give myself injections in the stomach, I could leave. So I left. I was extremely dizzy and lethargic, and I had done nothing to cause it. Back to the ER. They did a CAT scan of my chest and found multiple pulmonary emboli. Readmitted for 5 days on blood thinners, IVs, EKGs, and 4 blood draws a day. Now I am essentially a hemophiliac for the next 6 months, but I am alive. As bad as this ordeal has been, there is definitely a silver lining. At no point did your cousin Stan wipe my ass for me. Your brother Paul has no such silver lining

Sorry to hear this. Seems like malpractice to me. I'd talk to a lawyer that has good references. I think you should have been treated on the spot. The PT messed up too. You're lucky to be alive. Hope things get better.

Although it may indeed be malpractice, I'm so F ing happy to be alive that I will walk away. I'm looking at it as a new lease on life, and I am making huge changes in my lifestyle. Selling my Z like my father ordered me to: not one of them!

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