A brand new question

I haven't seen this one in the FAQ's. I probably have a couple hundred thousand miles on street bikes, but dirt is new to me. Like a couple weeks new and I'm trying to figure this stuff out on my own. I picked up a DRZ400S.

Here's the question. These beasts are tall. I'm 5'10" and on flat ground I can barely swing my leg over. Other times it's awkward as hell and a pain in the ass. Is the kick stand and mount strong enough to use the left peg as a stirrup to mount this steed while on the kick stand? I'm sneaking up on 200 lbs these days.



its strong enough and you could get a lowering kit im 5,10 on my toes and the stock height is no problem yull get used to it

if i couldn't touch the ground, i wouldn't have a broken knee right now. not always a bad thing

Its ok to use the left foot peg to get on the bike. I'm 280lbs, and it works for me. Just watch soft ground.

I'm about 5 10 too. Practice your karate kicks. Just kidding. You will get used to the height. it comes in handy when you are running through the big rocks.

Thanks a lot for the input. I guess it IS Kosher to cheat with the footpeg. My toes reach the ground while at a stop light, so I didn't really want to lower it and lose some suspension travel.

Meanwhile, I'm having a blast with the bike. This thing is just so damn versatile. Now I'm wondering if my cruiser will just be gathering dust in the garage and will need to be sold.

I'm taking the break-in seriously. Changed the oil at 100 miles and will do it again at 500. Opened up the airbox and rejetted. Got a proper skid plate on it. I learned the loctite trick on the sprocket nut from the cruiser and will be doing that to the DRZ soon. There's really no off-season in SoCal to work on bikes, so it'll just have to happen piecemeal. Actually, I'll probably be riding more in winter.

My Master Plan was to self-retrieve my truck after hang gliding. Park the bike where I plan to land. Drive the glider up. Fly to the bike and then bike back up to the truck. Brilliant! Now I'm thinking if there's a low cloudbase or the wind is blowing the wrong way, I now have Backup Toy Bravo to keep the day interesting! Sweet!

Thank again,


It's mandantory that new members post pics! :excuseme: Since the bike is brand new the syspension will start to soften and lower as you ride.


Hmm. I'd like to oblige with a photo, but the little "Posting Rules" box says that I can't post attachments. Perhaps I'm too new and they want to make sure I'm human and not a Bot before letting me post attachments. Anyway, the only photo I have is on the patio after riding it home it from the dealer. It's black. It's shiny. I haven't messed with it yet. Not very interesting. I'll have to take a camera the next time I'm up in the hills.


Go to the part of the TT site where it tells you how to set up your garage. Set up your garage and post the photo there then in this thread, use the button that has a mountain to pos tthe pic here. You go to your garage, right click the photo copy the image address, then click the mountain and paste the address in. When you hit enter, you can still type in the post. then Post the reply.


Well, that seemed to work. Thanks, Goebz.


Buy some new shoes, no joke, Yestarday I went riding and noties I was flat footed on the ground, some times the new padding allows you get better footings or longerlegs. The suspention will sag a littel over time as others have said and you will get use to the hight. I am 5,10 170 lb so I don't get as much sag as you, Aso if you get to ride an SM you will most likely love the hight of your S.

Im 5' 5" & 145lb :banghead: My toes hardly touch the ground on my SM.

I'm 6'4" and have no idea what you are all talking about!!! :banghead:


Welcome SkyOrDie :banghead: Nice ride!


im 6'1 and i still mount the bike on the kickstand in fact i disabled the stand switch and even take off most of the time while still up on the stand

I'm 5'7" and about 140lbs. and have no trouble with my drz sm or my yz250f... its just some thing you get used to.

Truth be told I step on the pegs too!!! Mind you got it wrong on the Gasgas the other day, the sidestand ficked up and I toppled over ---- looked a right tw*t!!!

Stan, no prob glad I could help. As others have said, If you are planning to ride that black monster offroad, even around the yard, get some new skins. The wings are OK on the tarmac but right dangerous anywhere else. Check the Faqs as there are some guards you might want to add, just in case she falls off the stand. My only damage occurred when I was stopped, Fell over in lot at Football game (daughter and friends got good laugh) that's where I figured out the stand actually could hold all my weight, once on trail when stopped b/c wings could not make the slime Ohio mud (bent rad and stripped bolt on handguards) so I added all the protection I could get.

The Zed is a great bike and is new all over again when you add SM wheels.

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