Slip on exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which one should i go for .............THE FMF or PRO-CICUIT?

just an fyi, but slip-ons don't add much power if any. I would buy a head pipe first and then get the silencer if you can't afford both at once.

but I would reccommend pro circuit

on the kx250f the silencer makes most of the power 1hp from slip on and another 1/4 to 1/2 from head pipe. the pc system loses hp of the bottom, fmf stays the same as stock. there are dynos do a search. also yosh has dynos on there web site they have slip on and full system, and i would also go with the yosh. the stock kx pipe is pretty good the after markets are only getting 1 1/2 more hp from mid up to top none on the bottom.

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